A pitbull

I'm Gustavo Vieira, a cybersecurity analyst junior. I entered the world of cybersecurity when I was 17 years old in 2022. Since then I'm improving my knowledge in cybersecurity participating in projects of: IAM, CIAM, PAM, DLP, SIEM, cryptographic operations and DEVOPS. In these projects I was able to do some tasks like: the colect, process and storage of the logs of the tools using syslog and logstash, analyze the logs and metrics and create dasboards using grafana, prometheus and opensearch, use containers to deploy the solutions, integrate the solutions through API and software development and develop playbooks for process automation.

I say that Linux is quality of life while developing, so about that, I'm a heavy linux user and I love to rice my system. In high school I got a software development diploma and started programming there. Nowdays, I consider myself a Full Stack Developer, I've had experience with back-end in some of my projects, developing the backend itself, integrating microservices and APIs. Same with front-end. Programming is my passion.

# Projects

- DemoApp - Private

An application made in Django framwework that uses a crypography software API to show the data based on the user ruleset.

- Backup Automation Tool - Private

An application made in python that create and control the flow of the backups from a specific tool.

- Token APP - Private

A microservice that manage the requisitions and uses crypography tools to encrypt and decrypt the data. Made in FastAPI.

- Start Future Bootcamp

Hackaton Project To solve remote's problem, using the idea of a private box available at some locations like subways, malls, etc. A application was developted and I was responsible for the front-end.